Thursday, June 26, 2008

Eat Your Own DAMN CAKE!

Monday I was really grouchy...extra bitchy, but not in a finger licking good way. Ok, that is a KFC reference so try not to think beyond that.

Being grouchy and being a girl who eats her feelings doesn't make for good decision making around food. Working is a great way to get far away from my refrigerator and exercise some control over what goes in my mouth.

However, the boss man brought in PLATES AND PLATES of CAKE! I walked in, saw it, groaned and tried to hide it across the room near the coffee pot (a place I never go). Stupid cake. I'd walk by and hear, "Sassy...oh Sassy, you know cake makes everything better."
and, "Sassy, did you know I'm chocolate?"

Bastard cake!

I did resist thankyouverymuch! However, I wanted to go into his office and yell "EAT YOUR OWN DAMN CAKE!"
...however... I am a hypocrite. I have been known to pawn off the unwanted sweets on my helpless co-workers. Like the time I walked into my co-workers office with a brick sized rice crispy treat and declared if he cared about me at all he'd eat half of it for me. Does that make me bad?

On Wednesday my boss brought in cookies. He came into the main area and someone asked him who brought them in, Co-worker chick says, "I don't know but I'm getting tired of looking at them." (did I mention she is the one doing WW with me?). My boss looked sheepish and talked about how good they were and how they had so many sweets at his house.
"Eat your own cookies, we're not eating them for you!" I said to him, pointing angrily and scowling. He looked at me kind of funny but didn't take the cookies back.
Stupid cookies.
Later I took a bite of one, big cherry chocolate chunk cookie and then cried for help.
[14:27]Sassy: HELP
[14:28] Sassy: I took a bite
[14:28] Sassy: I have a big cookie here and I took a bite .
[14:28] Sassy: but I need to not eat anymore
[14:28] Sassy: throw it away!! I must throw it away. I want something sweet and I grabbed a cookie!
[14:28] Sassy: shit
[14:29] Sassy: I should throw it away right now
[14:29] Sassy: it is calling my name
[14:29] Sassy: I might take another bite
[14:29] Sassy: should I...??
[14:29] Sassy: oh....Cookie, lovely cookie... ohhhhh....cookie.... drool
[14:31] Sassy: want half?
[14:32] Co-worker chick: ok, calm down
[14:32] Co-worker chick: you took a tiny bite
[14:32] Sassy: I know. But I don't want to WASTE IT
[14:32] Sassy: lol

Just after, co-worker chick came in, took the cookie and threw it in the garbage. Sure, I wanted a cookie and I felt slightly deprived. I took a bite of a completely different cookie at home then discovered that it didn’t taste very good. So I spit it in the sink and wondered if those calories counted.

Finally, after everything was finished that I needed to finish for the day, I sat down with a WW Mocha Fudge Sundae, only 3 points and OH SO GOOD! Finally Satisfied!

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Jen said...

I don't mind so much when people bring things to the office, it's when they push it on me that I get mad. "C'mon--have a brownie. It's an old family recipe. Best one you've ever tasted, I guarantee it." GET THEE BEHIND ME, SATAN, AND TAKE YOUR DEVIL BROWNIE!!

Ashlee said...

Yay for Sassy! I would have totally caved and then been mad later. You are my hero!

womaninawindow said...

This was fun and clever and rewarding. And you got to eat something good anyway. (Although I was thinking the whole time, oh, eat the damned cookie!)

I wake up every day BELIEVING today is the day and by 11 am I am done in. It is now 11:14 am and tomorrow is another day.

Sister Sassy said...

I shouldn't be anyone's hero... I usually am totally self indulgent.

Can i just say I have been walking past cake and cookies ALL WEEK LONG, baked 2 batches that I didn't EAT ANY OF and I actually gained .5 lbs?? OMG I'm so mad!

But, I also didn't run, I think its the week before my period and I ate dead animal body every day last week, which is unusual for me. Less water too. ...oh, and the giant tub of movie theater popcorn. Can I just say that its not just worse that my 100 calorie popcorn, but natural disaster worse!! AWFUL! ARg, it was the popcorn, I know it!

THis week I'm kicking ass! The last time I gained a little, the next week I lost 3.4. So I'm doing that this week do!

At least I ran this morning, I hadn't done that for two weeks.

High Hopes said...

My boss has me addicted to caramel coated rice cakes - *snort* they are only 60 calories - NOT WHEN YOU ENJOY THEM AND YOU END UP EATING 10 OF THEM.

Helena S. said...

The only effective way to lose weight is falling in love or getting a lover - at least for me. Or being threatened with a divorce. I'm forced to stop eating chocolate because my husband isn't getting enough sex and soon he's gonna cheat on me.

Now is chocolate really worth that?

YES, says an addict... ;-)

Valarie said...

We have a "Candy drawer" at work, I am always fussing about the fact that everybobdy wants to lose weight, but then there is the drawer. It calls out to you on stressful days, and it always, always seems to be full!!

Helena S. said...

Seriously, the hardest part in losing weight permanently is that you have to change your entire way of life. That takes time and commitment and you easily fall back to your old routine when you are tired or too busy to think about it.

My older colleagues and my aunts are always worrying about their weight but still bringing buns and cakes to work. I've sworn that I'm not gonna be like them when I turn 50. I don't wanna be pathetic! :-D

Sister Sassy said...

Val-we have a candy dish, thank goodness they don't fill it with chocolate.

helena, it is a change. That is none thing I've really been seeing... I have wilpower and as lon gas I allow myself carefully chosen treats, I don't feel deprived.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Good for you AND good for coworker! You already know how I feel about these things. ;-)

Having said that... Moomer's was excellent. (At least I stuck with a small)

And I'm taking a long, long walk before picking up C tomorrow, lol.

janethesane said...

This happens at my work all the time. AND the lunch table is right outside my door so if I leave my office to go anywhere I walk right by the treat. Or people will go somewhere yummy and bring their food back and I will smell it as I am eating my Lean Cuisine.

MommytoA&J said...

omg I have food that talks to me too - like the brownies made daily at the work deli - they call me as I walk by - I look around to see if they are calling anyone else - it seems to be just me? What is up with that!

Anonymous said...

You go sissy!! I love how you said next week you'll kick ass - I'm totally the same when when I make my mind up to lose the weight. I come back with a vengeance when the scale makes me mad!! Keep up the good work. You're doing GREAT & you've really been inspiring me to finally get rid of this triplet + weight!! :)