Friday, June 20, 2008

Mish Mash

I hadn't planned to post anything today. I was supposed to be sleeping in and having a nice day off with my family. But work has gotten crazy and deadlines need to be adhered to so I came in to do one small thing.

...unfortunately that one small thing isn't here for me to do! Oh, you don't know how mad I am about that. I was counting on this person to get their stuff in, talked to them right before I left. I had such confidence that I didn't check from home before I came in to take care it, because, I was certain it would be here.

....wrong. So I'm wasting time waiting for him to call me back, I'm giving him 15 minutes.

Aside from that its Feeling Fit Friday...or something like that. I lost another lb and then had a very large dinner, well, not large for me a few months ago, but large for me now. It was interesting to see how I felt after eating the amount of food I used to eat. I decided that I wasn't going to do that again. So I'm almost at 10 lbs, I'm hoping next week will be my 10 lb loss to say.

Also, you know you're in trouble when blogland makes its way into your dreams. Last night I was chilling with Valerie and Ashlee. And although I know what Ashlee looks like, in my dream she looked like one of the other daycare moms. We were in Alabama and since when I lived there I didn't enjoy it much, Alabama was made up of nothing but rock quarries.

I'd see a lake and run to it only to find it was just a mirage on a rock quarry. Valerie kept disappearing when I'd try to find her and poor Ashlee was having major ...women-type problems. That was weird.

JimmyEW was with me and we were staying in a Hospital for some reason. I was trying to take some photographs of these ancient Mexican American families but he kept taking my camera from me. It was making me so mad.

So anyway- the hospital came from watching the movie Bucket List last night. Really good flick about finding joy, friendship and deserving/undeserving/faith sort of things.

Alabama- came from a comment I made on another blog last night, and because Valerie lives there. So does Seester, right?, but I guess she was ditching us in my dream

and meeting bloggy friends came from the fact that I might be meeting one of you next week, I'm not saying who right now because I will of course blog about it...and I'm not certain it will happen. But I'm hoping it will

So, happy Friday. Cross your fingers that the little slacker gets his stuff in. GRRRRRR!

JimmyEW, I'll be home soon-promise.
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Sister Honey Bunch said...

Great job on the lb. I was noticing my face looks thinner this morning. That made me happy.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

You've both done so well with your fit goals! I have to follow suit. And I hate it when I'm stuck waiting on others in terms of work. Hope you get home SOON!

saintseester said...

You came to Alabama in your dream and didn't call me? I'm crushed. I was dreaming about baseball and men trying to drug me with a needle full of something. What?

I live in North Alabama, nearly Tennessee. It's the best part! We have a unique blend of redneck and rocket scientist going on here.

Valarie said...

Oh my gosh I made it to your dreams!! I feel so priviledged, I think. :)

By the way did you know that saintseester and I live pretty much in the same city. It is such a small bloggy world. :o)

I really did not mean to ditch y'all by the way. It must be because I have been out of pocket for the last couple of weeks. The first week out of town. This week trying to get back in the swing of things from being out of town.

Ashlee said...

Ooooo...I've made it into your dreams now! And honestly...maybe you have ESP...because I do have serious girly problems. But, we won't get into that!
I watched the Bucket List the other night too and just loved it. Very much so.
Congrats on the pound. I've lost a few too! YAY! I'm trying to keep up with it...but summer is crazy and it's hard to keep a good schedule. Sigh.

Jim said...

Ok Ash-that was just weird. Hmmmm, maybe you are a lost sister.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hope you manage to get out and enjoy your day off. Have a fab weekend!!