Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sugar and Beer. That's What I'm Talkin' 'Bout.

I haven't been into this here blawg lately. You see, it's summer. And I have other things to do that must take priority over writing random stories about my kid calling me Super Mean and my husband's very queer eye.

Like buying Logan sugar cereal for his first. time. evah. Well, not his FIRST first time. Sister Big saw to that a couple years ago when she gave him Cocoa Puffs for breakfast one morning. It was the best day of his life and he speaks of it often.

To celebrate the end of a hard year in kindergarten and his very first summer vacation, Logan wanted cereal that has a) sugar, and b) a toy. Because I am such a nice mom I complied.

However, I found the cereal with the least amount of sugar sold at the grocery store. And, I made the house rule that he must wash it down with a couple slices of bacon. I don't want the kid to bounce off the walls after all.

We also decided to let Logan stay up a little later at night. My thinking was that he would sleep in a little later in the morning. Which has long been a dream of mine. And apparently a stupid one. The kid's awake at 6:30 am on the dot. Each and every single day.

Which is why I celebrate summer in my own way. Sitting on my front porch with my husband. Drinking beer. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.
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Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that my daughter eats the marshmallows only out of the Lucky Charms?

High Hopes said...

During the summer we loosen up on the food rules a bit. I usually get snack pack cereals and let her have those a couple of times. The little boxes are so cute.

Ahhhh Summer!

Beckie said...

My kids have been eating Fruity Cheerios for the past 6 weeks or so, I am swimming in tiny speed racer cars LOL!!

Imagine their disappointment when daddy brought home a box yesterday with no car in it :( I don't think they realized that Cheerios could come with out the car, LOL!!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Sounds like a good way to celebrate summer to me!

C had his first sugar cereal on vacation - we still call it "vacation cereal" and that's when he gets it.

Like Logan, he's never learned the sleeping in thing.

Ashlee said...

Oh, I love sugar cereal! So yummy! :0) Though I buy the generic brand so there are no toys for my kids. Because I'm a mean mom. :0)

class factotum said...

Oh yeah. The "keep 'em up late so they'll sleep in" theory.

Didn't work for me as a kid.

Doesn't work now either, unfortunately. Really unfortunate, given that my honey is a night owl and the sun comes up at 5:00 a.m.

womaninawindow said...

Enjoy the beer! It's the time warped sun that is coming up too freaken early that has everyone all upsidedown. How do they manage 12 hours of sleep in the winter? It's all in the light.

Valarie said...

Is it wrong that I buy the Lucky Charms only for the Marshmellows?

They are my favorite :o)

Sister Sassy said...

Is it bad that if I have Lucky Charms eat around the marshmellows? Unless I let them sit for hours and they get soft. Otherwise eating them is like fingernails on a chalk board.

Martha said...

Oh....sugared cereal!!! We only had it while on vacation when I was little...I still love sugared cereals because of that.

I decided I would let Noodle have whatever cereal she wants. And guess what? She doesn't really care for cereal unless we're camping and get her the little boxes.

If I didn't see her come out of my body with my own eyes? I wouldn't believe she's my spawn. There's something wrong with that girl.