Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday Exploring

This is the view from where Boogs goes to school, its about 2 miles from our home. Nice view seems slightly wasted on a daycare-but hey, here there are nice views everywhere.
After taking the above shot, we headed downtown to the Farmers Market and spent our only cash on a bag of tiny little apples that were perfect for kids. Then we headed across the street to the marina. Here is Boogs looking for fish. We saw a GIANT one swimming by, that in my opinion, looked a little mean. I wouldn't want to swim with that guy.
Then we walked down to one of our favorite little beaches. Kiki and Boogs thought it was funny to kick the water and nearly fall in. When Jim stopped them, Boogs threw himself in the sand in protest.
Afterwards we attempted to take some pictures. They didn't cooperate with the smiling and looking at the camera, but finally with the promise of skittles, I got them to both at least look at me.
Then, after nap we went exploring at the Historic Barns by the old State Hospital. Jim found a track and they were intently trying to discover what sort of animal left it. Kindred decided it was a fox, then walked over to a hole next to the fire hydrant and declared that one as belonging to an elephant. That made us laugh.

This is the first time in three weeks that Jim has actually been home on the weekend. So we try to make the best of it by enjoying the beautiful fall day.

The above picture is a little pool near a creek that we stopped at. This is just before Boogs
walked right into the creek, falling into the water up to his thighs. He cried and asked for a towel, which we didn't have. We had been walking for about 15 minutes at that point, so I took out Kiki's fleece coat and turned them into makeshift pants, then we trekked back to the car.
After getting new pants, socks, and shoes we went to the park by our home and had some last minute fun. On the way home we detoured, rented Incredibles and Iron Man and I made dinner for the boys. Jim and I were looking forward to a juicy hamburger, but as I began cooking I discovered we had no burger. So I quick made the boys food, went to the store and gathered stuff for Sundaes. When I got back they had Chocolate Peanut butter Rice Dream with caramel sauce, with Reeses Cereal, Gummy Bears, and Reeses Pieces. Yum!

Iron Man was excellent, the burger that we ate, with rice cheese, was excellent, my Coke Zero was Excellent and spending time with Jim for once was the most excellent.

Hope everyone's weekend was just as fun!


Ashlee said...

Sounds like a full day! I'm loving the pictures too!

BTW...what happened to Sister HB? Tell her I miss her! :0)

Helena S. said...

Lovely photos, especially the first and last one. But let me know if this a friends and family blog so I'll stay away. I've just been coming here because you once came to my previous blog and commented there. Where's the other sister, by the way?

Sister Sassy said...

This blog is really for whoever I think. Sister HB is just busy I guess. Working, mothering and being in the PTO and stuff.

Helena, you're always welcome although I can't say my blog has been of much substance lately. I have so little time right now...

Jane the Sane said...

Gorgeous photos! It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I tried to get pics of TLP in the pumpkin patch this weekend. I got several of the top of her head and the side of her face. Oh, and the BACK of her head. I can't wait until she is old enough to bribe with Skittles. I am glad your husband could be home and spend the weekend with you.

Trendy baby said...

Wow- What a great day you had and dinner too. :)

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If you aren't in the shopping mood, then just stop by and say hello. :)

Momisodes said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend! I adore these photos :) Especially the one on the beach.