Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tell No One

I recently saw this movie at our quaint and beautifully restored downtown theater. I had learned about this film, like I learn about almost everything I know about, from NPR. They were doing a review of it and talked about how, although this is a French film, that it has caused quite a following. This is unique in that Americans as a mass are not known for their appreciation of foreign films. Its notoriously difficult for a foreign film to do well. This film was a blockbuster all over Europe in 2006 and took until recently to get US play. I'm SO glad I was able to see this in the theater!

The premise is as follows. French doctor's wife is murdered then out of the blue, 8 years later, he gets an email from a women who looks like her on a surveillance video. She warns him to "tell no one". Hence the title. The rest of the film follows him trying to discover the details of her death, uncovering some secrets, and trying to outrun the different people chasing him as he tries to unravel the email and figure whether his wife is alive, or if its a cruel trick.

This movie was excellent! Its mystery, suspense and will even cause you to laugh out loud. At one part Jim and I actually cheered!

So go see it or rent it. Its probably one of the better movies I've seen in a long time.

Now, tell me about little gems you've discovered that you think are under appreciated films. I have a bare
Netflix queue that needs some attention.
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Ashlee said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'll have to add it to my queue.

I was actually planning on doing a post of the past few movies I've watched. We've been movie-holics for the last several weeks. :0)

Jill said...


Lets be Netflix friends then we can see what each other has seen and what is on each others que.

Thats my name on there, see if you can find me.