Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wanna See My Tonsils?

I just got back from an interesting and heavy visit with my very ill father and my mother (his ex-wife) so I'm exhausted but plan on blogging about the trip for Wed. However enjoy this in the meantime --Love and kisses, Sister Sassy. And thank you Sister Honeybunch for taking care of posting my stuff for me.

This is a mish mash of thoughts and ramblings that happened those few monotonous days between Christmas and New Years where you seem to be the only person in the world working therefore you have NOTHING to do.

What is the deal with White Chocolate?? I HATE white chocolate, it's gross and it's not even chocolate! Why do they even taunt us as if it would taste as good? Someone in my office puts a Russell Stover gift box of many delightful looking candy...except they were all covered in white "chocolate" After the first piece I ate I immediately im'ed my wonderful sweet co-worker (whom I LOVE) that although I found the candy gross I wouldn't be surprised if I did indeed eat another piece, she admitted that she felt the same way after her piece and had indeed had a second piece. The desperation to eat something sweet no matter what it is(eye roll). For the second inevitable piece I was smarter and crouched at a garbage can picking away the white chocolate part revealing the caramel calling my name. My wonderful co-worker almost got her camera out in time to take a picture of me doing this. The second piece was much better... but I vowed to not eat any more candy that I won't enjoy when I have yummy candy I can eat at home.

I checked my parenting board a few times and posted about how my oldest child has the knack for talking NON STOP. My Kiki (the nickname he gave himself as a new talker, but I think sounds like a stripper name) talks NON STOP! OMG!! And this Christmas both he and Boogah (who is 1 1/2) were sick from the Friday before Christmas till the Wednesday after so I was stuck in a 2BR condo with him and his brother while hubby worked. Kiki talked non-stop and prefaced everything he said with "Mommy-mommy-mommy (insert sentence here)" by Sunday night I was stressed and trying to email about my ailing father and finally I asked Kiki if he could go talk to Boogah for awhile. Well... I think he got my unspoken message being smart enough at 3 1/2 to know his 1 1/2 year old brother mostly just says Apple and bunch of non-sense sounds. So he says to me.

"Mommy, it makes me feel bad when you don't want to talk to me"

Talk about feeling crappy! I told him I was very sorry and just stressed out because my daddy is sick. Then I was VERY careful for the rest of confinement to not get frustrated with the constant talking. It is so payback for when I was little I'm sure. My father was fond of saying I didn't talk until I was three and then I never shut up.

Kiki fits that to the T!(...what does that even mean? anyone? Bueller?)

So now it was nearly 4pm at the end of one of those long days and I'm sitting at my desk trying not to fall asleep because my GINORMOUS freakishly big tonsils are out to get me! They like to block my airway while I try to sleep, I suppose dying in my sleep somehow appeals to them. Seriously, my tonsils are freakishly big, I'm going to include a picture!

Awful aren't they? And check out the silver in there! I suppose I should have them cut out but I'm a big wussy and know that it's much more painful for adults than it is in children for some reason. But they're big, their gross, they try to kill me in my sleep and sometimes they smell funny. I'm not kidding. Oh well, I'll probably get them out at some point.

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak into my throat of horrors.


Sister Honey Bunch said...

I can confirm two facts:

Kiki talks A LOT. I mean a whole lot. Almost as much as his mama.

Sassy has the biggest tonsils. Ever. She likes to make me look at them. Now she is making you. I'm very sorry.

mom of 2 said...

That is so funny! I completely agree on white chocolate, but if that's all there is I'll eat it, too. Sad, but true!

My daughter talks non-stop and when Travis was born I figured he'd be the normal boy...you know, not much to say. WRONG! I've got 2 that talk non-stop...drives me batty sometimes! And even at 10 and 7 they still preface everything with "mom". I'd recommend some ear plugs!!

Love the tonsils! Those are quite large!!

Sister Sassy said...

I have to say my iPOD saved my sanity a number of times when I was locked up with them.

saintseester said...

My non-stop talker is 9 now. And, it isn't getting any better. One time we drove to Disney World (12 hours). On the way home she talked the entire time. I. am. not. kidding. When she doesn't have anything of her own to say, she will narrarate whatever it is she is doing - whether it is looking at the sky or playing nintendo.

On the tonsils, my older son had those enormous ones. They were causing sleep apnea. I freaked when he stopped breathing in his sleep. We had them taken out. He was a new (well-rested) child after the procedure.

Sister Sassy said...

When Kiki runs out of things to say he just makes non-sense noises or says Cock-a-doodle-do over and over again. Sometimes he'll count and say his ABC's too.

Sister Honey Bunch said...

He DOES cockadoodle doo. I almost came out of my skin one day when he started in with that.

Sassy, didn't you say you were wondering about sleep apnea?

Fresh Girl said...

I have those same big tonsils! Right now they're bigger than usual and causing me great pain. Maybe if we went in together some doctor would give us a discount on having them removed. ;)

Sister Sassy said...

Fresh Girl- rather than having them taken out lets see if we can get in the record books for Freakishly Big Tonsils. WE could break a world record!

Cindy said...

I think this wins the best photo in blogland. :)

Jim said...

You forgot to mention that a doctor (who looks a nothing but ears, noses,and throats all day long) said that yours is the biggest pair he as ever seen in an adult.

Get those things cut out already!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know you aren't the only one with the problem, my sister age 55 has to press this awful stuff out of hers sometimes. Her doctor doesn't want to touch them at her age so just reach down and apply pressure. Be prepared to feel like throwing up but you will feel much better aferwards.
Hang in there Jim.

Sister Sassy said...

Anon, that has happened to me too! ycuk!