Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Don't Think I Have This Mom Gig Down

Today I have two birthday parties to go to for the kids. These are honestly the first parties we've been invited to aside from Logan's. I don't even know what to do.

The parties have a time frame, like 11-1pm. Does that mean I go and stay the entire time or is it more like an open house? Are there organized activities? What if Boogs is the only 2 year old there, what if Kiki is the only boy? What if I don't know anyone and just stand around over dressed or under dressed.

Which comes to my big question, WHAT DO I WEAR?

Wow, I'm so clueless about stuff like this. Oh the pressure!
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Ashlee said...

Since the kids are so young, I would stay if it was me. But I don't know how close you are to the parents of the other kids. If you know your kids will be A-OK you may not have to worry about it. I know that I have appreciated the moms that stayed with their young kids when we've had bday parties. I've used them as "assistants". A lot of kids in one space is a lot to handle. Extra hands are always helpful. As far as the dress code...unless these parties are at a fancy restaurant :0) just go casual. It's a kids bday party...I don't think there is a dress code. :0)

Hopefully I've helped a bit. Have fun at your parties!

Cristan said...

LOL - it means don't arrive before 11, and make sure the door doesn't hit your behind any later than 1!!

In my family, the parties we have generally last oh, 7 hours or so. For little d's 2 year old party, I specifically had it at a jump-place so they'd kick everyone out at the allotted time...but then people just came back to my house for 3 or 4 that time I was almost CRYING for a nap!

Please do not leave your child unattended...the mom will have way too much to do besides breaking up fights over can stay and help monitor your own kid.

Have fun!

Sister Sassy said...

oh Jeez! I wouldn't dream of just dropping them off, at least not Boogs. Wouldn't that be funny, just showing up and leaving both of them and going shopping or getting my hair done!

It turned out well. I met a mom with two boys around the same age and size as my two-who's husband works most saturdays. I think I'm going to venture out and try to make a friend. What do you think?

Now its nap time, and then off to another Party.

Christan- I think I'd cry if I were you. What would be a good way to get them not to stay for so long? Maybe just tell them very clearly taht you are going home and sleeping and they're welcome to go there and sleep to?

kspin said...

Geez! I'm pretty clueless with the party thing too! I usually ask the host what she expects and so far it's been different at each party we have attended. Some wanat all the parents to stay, and then when I did my three year old's party, none of the parents stayed.

Glad the first one was a success! Enjoy your weekend!

Cristan said...

Sassy: funny story - my DH's grandad used to say "Ok...bye, bye, glad you came", turn off the lights and leave the room when he thought the party was over. (So apparently, these people just don't have the "time to go home, now" receptor - ha!)

That's one way!

Sandy C. said...

I hear you on this one. I usually show up about 10 minutes late, and leave a little after the cake or presents. What ever comes last.

Hope you all had a great time :)

Sister Sassy said...

They ended up fine - Boogs managed to poop at both parties, ugh... I managed to get Jim to change both (one when he was home for break, the other when we stopped by his work to say hi) Smooth, eh?

Sawyer did push a little girl, that sucked. I usually hover around him but was slightly distracted. I spent the rest of the time worried that the mom was giving me stink eye. Oh well.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

It's pretty common for there to be some kind of physical thing if you have a kid who reacts physically. Parties are loud, chaotic and hard to handle. As long as both were okay, I wouldn't worry about it. The hovering thing is what I had to do all the time, too, but sometimes things get away from you. If the other parent saw you hovering most of the time, it shouldn't be an issue.

Hugs for getting through all that - I would have had a headache the size of Gibraltar!