Monday, October 6, 2008

Winter is a coming and I live in a shoebox. 
Jim works the most during these next couple of months and with the weather outside being frightful as it moves into November...I'm going to need some serious help.  What is one to do with two VERY active boys who live with you in a shoebox?  Seriously, If I don't come up with sanity saving ideas, we just might end up eating each other, and although Boogs is plenty meaty... Kiki just doesn't look very satisfying.  Sigh....
So, the place I live doesn't have any Kids Gyms or stuff like that, we basically have a Burger King playland and snow.  If I had more space I'd organize play group weekends or have stations of fun stuff.  But I don't.  Here are the few ideas I do have.
1. Children's Museum pass.  I think this is $75 and I'm not sure I want to spend that much, plus with two of them by myself..not sure how easy it would be to chorale them.
2. Saturday Morning Matinee.  Our local old timey theater plays children's movies Saturday mornings for .25.  We do this almost every week except when the movie is scary, like Spiderwyk and Beetlejuice.
3. Eat each other.  I have BBQ sauce and a slow cooker.  This one is my last resort.
So, what are some ideas for the space challenged shut ins?  I need help, or Ashlee just might discover a family of half eaten Sassy's living in her basement after all.


Ashlee said... guys would be great accessories for my Halloween party then! Like real live zombies! YAY! :0)

I had my kid help me bake a lot when we lived in our apartment, just the two of us. Then again...I ate a lot of cupcakes. :0) I did learn to start taking some of the sweets to neighbors in my apartment complex. They loved me for it.
I ended up going to see family a lot. Not sure if they minded, but they got me. :0)
Beyond that....we were pretty boring. I couldn't afford to do ANYTHING out on the town, so we were left to suffer inside too. :0)

Anonymous said...

We are just starting to venture OUT of our house, so I know how frustrating it is to be stuck indoors a lot. We did lots of crafts and we baked too. You could do Halloween/Christmas decorations...

There's always the library too. Always a fun and free outing. Just take home lots of books to keep the kids entertained. :)

*good luck!*

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

What is your backyard situation like? Big cardboard boxes (Jeatworld could probably get some of those) out in the yard might be a major distraction, but there's all that bundling and unbundling.

I just think big boxes can always be a solution to lots of things.

Blankets over the table?

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Hey, would your church open up the basement as an "under 6" play area on a Saturday morning or some other time during the week?

Sister Sassy said...

Hmmm....Jen, you give me good ideas! Not that I don't want to be a Zombie Mommy for your halloween themed basement Ashlee

But- our backyard is condo backyard that butts up to golf course. Its ok in the winter and they can sled, but sometimes it just way too cold.

But... hmmm-I wonder if I could start a monthly playgroup at the Church Nursery. With any community members. Saturday mornings are usually fine because we'll either do library story time or Movie at the State-but Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning will be the issue.

Thanks for that idea, I'll have to look into it.

Our family said...

Definitely go check out the museum - the lack of choraling is one of it's biggest draws for us! They have to go by the front desk to totally escape the building and otherwise the whole place is pretty open and fair game.
We use the big library to kill time sometimes but I feel bad if we get too wild there.
We will have to make some plans ahead of time to do some things.
Can you email me your phone # - I think I still have the old one.

Sister Sassy said...

ha ha, Krista, I lost my phone. Its gotta be here somewhere but I am clueless and don't know my number. Sad huh.

Jim and I looked at the museum and he and Sawyer are going to check it out tomorrow and see how it goes. We might go this route fo shizzle... I must be tired for saying that. wow...

I'll email you my home number though-I hope I find my phone soon!

High Hopes said...

Can Boogs and Kiki join cub scouts or boy scouts or something like that, it might give them an activity time.

Jane the Sane said...

Just open up the barbecue sauce and get it over with. If you make it through this winter it will just be winter again before you know it.

Helena S. said...

I live in Finland so I don't see any problem there. :-D Just put on some warm clothes and go out a couple of times a day. That'll cool them down.

I love cold weather myself!